Smartphone mockup for Interrail App Redesign.
Interrail App Redesign
Rethinking the Interrail Rail Planner app with focus on the implementation of a new delight feature, as well as revision of the user flow and visual design. The goal was to make rail travel as easy as possible and to find a way to connect travelers on their journey.

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↳ Digital Experience
↳ Redesign
↳ Visual Design

March 22' - July 22'

It was important for us to understand which functions and features are relevant and satisfying from the user point of view. Here we categorized & prioritized them to find out what we should improve and what to add.

↳ Cano Model

↳ Personas & First Wireframes
Creating personas and running through user testing helped us to understand Interrails target group. After the research & concept phase we created a new user flow with our delight feature – the community.

↳ App Screen Process

The new community is designed to bring Interrail travelers together. Now you can create, share and join trips. Match with other people or just look for inspiration. In the process, the trip overview also became part of the delight feature.

While creating the final click prototype we used the previously created design filters: Personal, Structured and Connective to improve the look and feel.
Supervides by:              
Rebecca Schellhorn
Filippa Osswald, Hannah Wels & Me