Organ Donation Info
↳ Digital Experience
↳ Information Design
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Oct 21' - Feb 22'

An interactive system to raise awareness and educate people about post–mortem organ donation by visualizing the donation process. In Germany, every 8 hours a person dies because no suitable donor can be found. There is no reason to not make a decision.

The communication system can be used in many areas such as public facilities & places to reach as many people as possible. We want to encourage them to reconsider ethical and moral ideas and support them in making a decision.

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↳ Interface Mockup
↳ User Flow
The user is guided through the application in a linear process, from the requirements for organ donation to the organ donor card. In an explorative part they can discover further content and information for themself.
Here are the opening screens for each chapter. Explorative information about individual organs and statistics can be obtained. This is followed by medical structure of the involved institutions.
↳ Screen Content
↳ Screen content
The last part consists of the transplant itself and a short reminder how important it is to record your decision with a organ donor card. Familiar touch interaction gestures allow the user to move through the content and be a part of it.

Supervides by:              
Fabian Schröbel
Filippa Osswald, Lea Voith, Johanna Schopf & Me