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Mia – Intelligent Assistant

Application design, Virtual assistant
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The brief

A smart companion for seniors to navigate digital applications

In the midst of the rapid evolution of the digital landscape, seniors, who could greatly benefit from these advancements, often find themselves overlooked. Despite the digital age's potential, many seniors can't fully benefit due to uncertainty and lack of tailored support.

The Solution

The Mia Starter Kit, with its intelligent assistance system and learning app, provides seniors an ideal entry into digital applications to enhance their skills. It includes analog print materials for an easy start and the Mia Assistant Button for personalized support.


Starter Booklet and Starter Card

Using the starter booklet and the accompanying starter card, the Mia app can be installed in a playful and straightforward manner.

Assistant Button

Connected via Bluetooth and attached with a push button, the assistant button enables instant access to Mia for handling inquiries.

Learning App

To impart media competencies, the app offers comprehensive, playful lessons fostering a fundamental understanding of digital devices.

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Teresa Kahlenbach
Tanja Herzer
Luca Engelhardt

Supervides by

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Buurman
Prof. Jens Döring

Julie Metzger
Test person
“I would never have thought that young people would think of us and our age group with such empathy. This experience has encouraged me to be more open about using digital devices. ”
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Information design, Public awareness
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