Light Installation
People's behaviour can be greatly influenced by the presence of light and music in a room. We developed a responsive light control with an alternative interaction concept beyond usual controllers. It contributes to the atmosphere of a room through the impact of sound.

↳ Interface Design
↳ Prototyping
↳ Code

Oct 21' - Feb 22'

↳ Scribbles & Form Prototype
The design was very reminicent of a music mixer and the use was therefore playful and intuitive, especially for first-time music enthusiasts.

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From sketches to the actual construction of the functional prototype and the creation of a 3D model. The object should be used for the light control at a party context but could also be used casual at home for light controlling.

↳ Design Prototype C4D Model
After evaluating various form prototypes through user testings we came up with the final interaction concept. For the final realization we wrote the code with the help of Arduino.

↳ Interaction Concept
Supervides by:              
Carmen Hartmann-Menzel, Michael Schuster
Filippa Osswald & Me