Smart Cooking System
Rethinking the way to interact during the cooking process with an interface beyond the screen and the help of artificial intelligence. The kitchen concept is aimed at the future lifestyle and implies everything you need.
↳ Invention Design
↳ User Interfaces
↳ Speculative

March 22' - Jule 22'

↳ Storyboard
A solution that supports and educates the user about cooking as well as food without automate the entire experience.

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↳ Interaction Zones & User Flow
The system is divided into three different zones on the hob itself and the work surface. By mapping cooking processes in the concept phase we created different user flows based on the personas we created.
↳ Components
The focus lies on the induction technology, analysis of computer vision algorithms and support by artificial intelligence. Networking of individual intersections such as the monitoring of a cooking process or food recognition are thus made possible.

Supervides by:              
David Oswald
Lea Voith, Johanna Schopf & Me